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October 11, 2010

IDPC: Features vs. Benefits

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Features vs. Benefits

Do you know the difference between a “feature” and a “benefit?”

A feature is a factual statement about what IDPC does.  We fight to protect the rights and livelihood of all in the interior design community.

A benefit is the result YOU get from IDPC membership, a.k.a. “what’s in it for me?”  Here are our benefits:

 You don’t pay a mandatory assessment.

Shouldn’t you be able to choose the political agenda that best meets your needs?  We think so.  ASID does not allow their members to make that choice – probably because the overwhelming majority would choose not to spend their hard-earned money on political advocacy.  And… if you are an Allied ASID member, even though the legislation funded through your dues and fees excludes you, you must pay or be terminated.  In effect, Allied members fund their own demise.  Your IDPC dues fund protection of your rights.

You’re not left wondering if there is or if there will be legislation in your state that could jeopardize your ability to stay in business.

IDPC begins tracking legislation from the time it’s being contemplated and crafted, when it’s introduced, who is sponsoring it, how and why it is moving through the legislature, when hearings are scheduled, and disposition.  We remove the stress of wondering if you’ll be able to continue to practice, or if you’ll wake up one morning to find your livelihood – whether you are an interior designer, decorator, stager, kitchen/bath designer, retailer, foodservice equipment supplier, office furniture dealer, or other stakeholder – is now illegal for you.

Most practitioners do not want to spend numerous hours every week trying to find this information — most of which is under-the-radar and not available through standard information seeking.  IDPC provides this service for our members.

You don’t take precious time away from growing your business.

Successful political advocacy takes an extraordinary amount of time and planning.  After time spent tracking (above), the real time-consuming work comes next – defeating legislation.

IDPC provides all the tools for you, so that minimal effort from you will produce incredible results – we’ve helped our members across the country defeat over 100 efforts to expand or enact new, anti-competitive regulations since 2006.

  • IDPC tracks legislation and keeps members updated through alerts, newsflashes and newsletters;
  • IDPC analyses legislation to ascertain exactly how the wording (which can be ambiguous and misleading) impacts scope of practice;
  • IDPC creates talking points so their members can quickly become familiar and conversant with the major points in the bill;
  • IDPC supplies sample letters to send to legislators which hit on the key objections;
  • IDPC supplies guidelines for telephone calls and face-to-face meetings with legislators;
  • IDPC follows up on open bills and hearing results and provides outcome.

 You are not placed at an unfair competitive disadvantage.

IDPC fights not only practice acts – the most restrictive form of regulation – but also title acts. Title acts are well known as the Trojan horse of interior design regulation.  Once a “foot in the door” has been established through enactment of a seemingly innocuous title act, historically, the proponents come back in a few years to try and expand it into a full blown practice act that would put many honest, hard working designers out of business. 

You can connect with like-minded colleagues in your area.

When bills are scheduled, IDPC travels to your state to mobilize the grassroots and conduct town hall meetings and puts you in touch with other designers forming lasting networking connections.

You have an experienced advocate whose concern is preserving YOUR rights.

Founder and director Patti Morrow travels from state to state, training grassroots activists, conducting town hall meetings, and testifying at hearings.  You will not find a more experienced or passionate supporter anywhere.  Patti has learned by experience what works and what pitfalls to avoid and you have access to one-on-one coaching anytime you need it.  Designers who have who have participated with Patti in lobby days have commented on the immense satisfaction they received by actually playing a part in the process that impacts their future.

We’re here for you…

Need something special?  Just let us know.  We will try our best to accommodate your request, whether it’s traveling to your state to meet with you and your legislator, help with a fundraiser, or something else. 

 You get to stay in business!              

IDPC was founded solely to fight the one-size-fits-all licensing scheme.  It is our only mission, and we are the only organization exclusively dedicated to fighting for your rights and livelihood.  We will leave no stone unturned to protect our members.

IDPC membership: $89/year

  Peace of mind and ability to focus on your business: 



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