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October 30, 2013

Minnesota Practice Act

roadblockIDPC has been in Minnesota this week, lobbying and testifying against the practice act.  In addition to my testimony on behalf of my six trade association clients, there was also compelling testimony from the NKBA, AIA, IJ, students and an interior design professor.

But our best assistance actually came from the lead-off testimony from the cartel (the president of MIDLAC).  Terrible!!!  She rambled on for 20 minutes, basically saying nothing of importance, not showing any need for the bill, and main point was they’re the only ones in the built environment who isn’t licensed.  Yeesh!  Get over yourself!  That’s not a reason to enact a new law that would put so many designers out of business.

It appeared that most of the Committee agreed with our position — four Representatives questioned the bill sponsor (Rep. Hilstrom) at the end of the hearing, and all questions clearly made it clear they had not been convinced there is a need for licensing.

I think we put this puppy to bed for now, but as usual, I’m sure we’ll see it again next year.


March 3, 2010

IDPC: “Freedom Reigns in Minnesota!”

As you know, a hearing was held yesterday on SB 2591, a bill which would have expanded the current “Certified Interior Designer” title act into full occupational licensing — and would have become the most restrictive practice law in the country.   Senator Linda Scheid, Chair of the Committee on Commerce and Consumer Protection scheduled the hearing based on the proponent’s claim that they had enough votes to pass it out of committee.

Good news, my friends, that did NOT happen!

Due to the large opposition turnout and testimonies, and rather than allow another overwhelming vote to kill the bill, Chair Scheid graciously granted that the bill be “tabled” (according to our sources, at the request of the bill’s sponsor, Senator Dibble), which means the practice act is dead — at least for this year.    Professor Caren Martin testified on behalf of interior designers who support the bill.  You may remember Professor Martin as the author of the failed attempt to discredit Dick Carpenter, Ph.D.’s highly acclaimed and meticulously researched Designing Cartels, and her efforts yesterday met a similar fate.

Click here to read details, including a link to the audio recording of the hearing.

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February 19, 2010

IDPC: “Stop Minnesota practice act!”

MN SV 2591 practice act will undermine your future…

Despite the defeat of a nearly identical bill last year before the very same Committee, the interior design cartel has managed to persuade Sen. Dribble to sponsor their licensure bill which would limit the practice of interior design to only a handful of designers who meet their self-anointed qualifications of “minimum competency” (formal education, mandatory internship, and passage of the NCIDQ).   Click here for details and how you can help us stop this bill from passing:

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